Senior Web Developer

A highly motivated, passionate web geek.

About Me

My Work

I've been a full stack web developer professionally for more than half a decade now but I've been coding since I was 10. From starting my own company to building the infrastructure for multi million dollar e-commerce sites I've worked in a ton of environments.

My Tech

The languages I'm most comfortable with are PHP, Golang, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I've used these technologies in production: Laravel, Kubernetes, Vue.js, React, SASS, AWS, Postgres, MySQL, Typescript, Angular, and Docker. I've also dabbled in python, processing, objective-c and numerous other languages and technologies.

My Ethos

An avid hiker, biker and gamer I love experiencing life to it's fullest. Coding is my passion and I expect to continue working and learning for a long time.

Tech I Use Often



Built a custom ecommerce/marketplace allowing users to buy art and commission work from artists around the world. Implemented escrow services for the artists so funds can be stored prior to the artist complete their commissions, insuring they get paid. Implemented a complex build process, minimizing scripts and page load time.


A company I co-founded out of college with 2 partners. Raised just under half a million dollars in funding. Built an entire secure platform for investors to be verified by the companies they are investing in for 506(c) offerings.