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Max Heckel

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Max and I'm a web and mobile software developer living in Columbus Ohio. I especially love front end development, building web apps, and I'm starting to get better (hopefully) at design! I'm great at building interactive and awesome websites and apps for small to mid-sized companies.

What do I know?

I specialize in web development, specifically around the LAMP stack but I've been starting to ease my way into the MEAN stack. Below are some examples of technologies I'd consider myself pretty good at using.

I've also messed around in, tinkered with, or at least touched the following in no particular order:
Node.js, Python (Django), Android SDK, Glass SDK, Knockout.js, MongoDB, Meteor.js, Angular.js, Processing (Arduino), and various other libraries and frameworks.

Okay then, prove it!


My second startup, a regulatory compliance software company where I'm currently employed. I built nearly all the software for this company from the ground up, including all IT and server management. The site and products are all based around PHP and SQL for the backend and some advanced html, css, and javascript for the front end. I used the CSS library PureCSS and jQuery as well as some other javascript libraries.


Are you familiar with what a brand ambassador is? My first startup out of college, I built and designed the company's iOS app and website/dashboard. The app tracks brand ambassador's location as well as other campaign metrics which can then be viewed on the companies online dashboard.

Nell and John

Built for my cousin as a wedding present. Him and his soon to be wife had a specific style of fonts chosen as well as wanting to incorporate the colors orange and blue. After getting the content I was given nearly full creative control over the site.

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